Fixed stud welding equipment ATSIK automatic with work bench



The fixed welding equipment type ATSIK automatic can be operated in combination

with an automatic welding appliance type BS3XXA

and the automatic stud feeding type ABZ-BS New.

All processes are executed automatically.

The stud will be reloaded automatically by the stud feeding ABZ-BS.

It can be equipped with a pneumatic vice, clamps, pulse atomizer, rotary table or slide.


Technical data:


Dimensions ATSIK               Stud diameter:                 

Length 500 mm                        Studs 3-8 mm                                                 

Width   540 mm              Thread studs M3-M8

Height  510 mm


Dimensions work bench:                                  

Length 1000 mm                                                               

Width    800 mm                                       

Height   800 mm