CNC Stud welding machine 500 mm x 500 mm



This machine is for stud welding with capacitor discharge and automatic feeding.

Techncal Data:



Framework                   Width: 860 mm

Heigth: 1500 mm

Depth: 860 mm

Working plane:             Heigth: 1030 mm

Clamping surface:         600 mm × 600 mm

T-Slot board

Working area X-axis:          500 mm

Working area Y-axis:          500 mm

Pneumatic Z axis                 50 mm integreated in welding


Power supply                       240VAC 1x16A

Air supply                            6 bar

Apurtenace axis:            X and Y

 ball screw with

 stepper motors

Positioning speed          X-axis: v max. = 5 m / min.

Y-axis: v max. = 5 m / min.

Repeating accuracy           mechanical components: ± 0,1 mm

Control:                            bb21 Automation / EAS

Safety:                            With full housing the machine is conform

          with the EU-directive on machinery

          98/37/EG (CE and so on)

          Manual opening door


Technical changes reserved